If you are struck by a car while walking or biking, you are at greater risk for injury than if you are in a car. Even if the speed is relatively low, as is common in parking lot accidents, your body has no protection against a ton of steel striking you.

    You will need compensation for your injuries as you recover from broken bones or head and spinal injuries. Your recovery, rehabilitation, personal care and time off work — with resulting lost income — may be very expensive.

    If you are a victim of a hit-and-run, if you are partly at fault because you were disobeying traffic rules or were intoxicated, or if you have no insurance, you may believe you are not eligible for compensation. This is not true.

    Protection For Bicyclists And Pedestrians

    At Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers, we can answer your questions about your accident in particular, and pedestrian and bike accidents in general. For example:

    • Your insurance will cover expenses for medical care and rehabilitation even if the accident is entirely your fault
    • If you are hit by a vehicle, the driver of the cartruck or other vehicle must prove that he or she was not negligent
    • If you are injured by a hit-and-run driver, your insurance company will act as if it was the insurance company of the driver who hit you and pay for those injuries, subject to some limits
    • Ontario's Motor Vehicles Accident Claims Fund can provide some compensation if you have no insurance and are hit by an uninsured driver, or are injured in a hit-and-run

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