Injuries can occur anywhere. However you are injured, you deserve compensation to help you deal with medical care, rehabilitation, income lost due to time off work and other expenses connected to your injury. If you become disabled, you need to preserve as much of your independence and quality of life as possible.

    If you are injured because of the actions of another person, you should not have to shoulder the financial burdens caused by your injuries.

    At Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers, we want to help you get the help you need and hold responsible whoever caused you harm.

    Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

    Our lawyers and staff regularly take on cases involving:

    • Slip-and-falls: Sometimes involving a literal slip-and-fall, these accidents may also involve objects falling off shelves, falls down stairs, or any other injury caused by negligence on somebody else's property.
    • Animal attacks: Most commonly in the form of dog bites, these cases involve animals that cause harm because their owners fail to control them, either on or off their property.
    • Sexual assaults: The damage caused by sexual assault is not only immediate and physical but long-term and emotional as well. Many sexual assault victims are affected by their abuse over a lifetime, suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
    • Swimming pool accidents: Unfortunately, many of these are fatal. Families of those harmed by unsupervised pools, or pools that are not adequately covered, deserve compensation for their losses.
    • Bar fights or pub accidents: It is the responsibility of bar and pub owners to monitor security and intoxication levels on their premises.
    • Sports accidents: Although some risk is inevitable with most sports, in cases of serious injury there may have been problems with improper use of safety equipment, inferior supervision and training of coaches and supervisors, or improper maintenance of the area in which the accident took place.

    For many of these injuries, a common factor involves "occupier's liability." This is the obligation of the owner, manager or supervisor of a property to ensure the safety of people on that property.

    If your injury is due to medical malpractice or a workplace injury, we will refer you to lawyers who specialize in those kinds of cases and who will give you the level of experience and service you deserve.

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