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Truckers must follow proper winter driving safety

As the winter months near, semitruck drivers must be sure that they are following the proper safety protocol that will help to keep everyone on the roadways safe. While some of these might seem like they should be done automatically, there is a chance that a trucker has become so lax that he or she doesn't even think about ways to remain safe.

Commercial vehicle accident cases have several considerations

Commercial vehicles can be found on almost every roadway in Ontario. These large vehicles serve very important purposes, such as delivering goods to shops and getting large items to consumers. When you consider the large size and considerable weight of these vehicles, it is easy to see why the drivers who operate them must follow proper safety procedures. When drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted by non-driving activities, driving while fatigued or other similar acts, it is possible for the commercial vehicle driver to cause an accident.

The facts matter in semi-truck crash cases

Semi-truck accidents can kill victims. The victims who do survive can have very serious injuries that can affect them for the rest of their days on Earth. The costs of caring for these injuries can be considerable, especially when you look beyond only medical bills.

Making claims for compensation after a semi-truck crash

Big, heavy semi-trucks can do a lot of damage to passenger vehicles. These large vehicles can also cause serious injury to the passengers in the vehicles that are struck. The people in the passenger vehicles are often just going about their daily life when they are smashed by the larger big rig. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other injuries are all possible.

Semi-truck accidents are serious and have many causes

Semi-truck accidents can be very serious to those involved. When you are injured in one of these type of collisions, you will need to determine its cause . There are several factors that you might need to look into if you plan to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Big truck are necessary for commerce but very dangerous

Semi-trucks are necessary vehicles when you think about the commerce of this country. Unfortunately, they aren't the safest vehicles on the roads. The sheer size of these trucks and trailers combined with the weight of their cargo make them very dangerous. The dangers associated with these big rigs can be made even worse by the actions of the truck driver.

Lack of sleep and other factors can lead to driver fatigue

No drivers should operate a vehicle when they are tired or fatigued. This is especially true for truckers and drivers of commercial vehicles, as these vehicles are usually much larger and heavier than passenger cars and light trucks. When a commercial vehicle driver is tired or fatigued, serious accidents can occur that lead to innocent people being injured or killed. If you were injured in a truck accident, you might decide that the big rig driver should be held accountable for the accident. This can be done by seeking compensation in a civil lawsuit.

Violent 4-vehicle crash in Windsor brings drunk driving arrest

A violent accident among four vehicles in Windsor miraculously left those involved with only minor injuries. The crash occurred on Jan. 23 near the 7th Concession on County Road 42. It involved a pickup truck, an SUV, a commercial van and a minivan.

What should you know about the way trucks drive?

Truck accidents sometimes stem from the differences in the way that commercial vehicles and standard cars drive and operate on the road. It's important for people in Ontario to understand how trucks may be different so that they can work to avoid these crashes.

Is fatigue a serious problem among commercial drivers?

One in five traffic fatalities across the country involve a tired driver, according to a 2010 report by the Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators. In 2007, researchers learned that approximately 60 percent of drivers surveyed had operated a vehicle while fatigued. Fifteen percent of surveyed drivers said they dozed off behind the wheel.

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