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Self-care can be problematic after a spinal cord injury

Learning how to live your life again after a spinal cord injury can be rather difficult. One thing that is often hard to cope with is the limitations that you have for self-care. Nobody wants to think that they will be dependent upon other people for their basic care needs. There are some spinal injuries that might make it possible for the person to relearn self-care over time, but the journey is rather complicated.

The effects of spinal cord injuries are far reaching

Spinal cord injuries can lead to devastating life changes, such as paralysis. The effects of the injuries can go far beyond the lack of ability to move. In some cases, spinal cord injuries can affect your sex life, your emotions, your behavior, your ability to breathe and your ability to enjoy life. Chronic pain is also possible.

Depression needs attention after a spinal cord injury

The mental and emotional effects of a spinal cord injury can lead to you not really feeling like yourself. You might start to feel down or like you are useless. The loss of your independence and the new life that you are living can lead to you becoming depressed. If you are dealing with depression after your spinal cord injury, you need to seek out mental health care so that you can learn to live your life to fullest extent possible.

Spinal cord injuries have considerable costs

There are many things that can cause spinal cord injuries. Just last week, we discussed how excessive force during birth can lead to a spinal cord injury in the baby. That can be devastating. We can only imagine the horror that a family feels when they go to the hospital expecting to come home with a healthy baby and then learn that the baby has a serious injury because of the doctor's actions.

Excessive force during birth lead to spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury is being blamed on a traumatic birth. The parents of the baby that was affected have filed a claim that names Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, a doctor and two nurses as defendants. As of now, all of the statements made in the case have been made by the parents' claim and haven't been proven in court.

How serious are cervical spinal cord injuries?

All spinal cord injuries are serious; however, the injuries that occur in areas higher on the spine are considered the most serious. The uppermost section of the spinal column is the cervical spine. There are eight vertebrae in this section that can be injured. The vertebrae of the cervical spine are divide into two categories -- high cervical and low cervical. Each category consists of four vertebrae.

The cost of a spinal cord injury goes beyond medical costs

When you think of a spinal cord injury, you might think about the medical costs that are associated with the injury. That isn't the only cost of a spinal cord injury that victims will have to cope with. If the spinal cord injury led to paralysis of any sort, you might have to modify your home to accommodate your new needs. This can cost a considerable amount of money.

Take it easy after suffering a spinal cord injury

Injuring your back or spinal cord can affect your life in more ways than you might think. In the short term, you might have to take things easy so that the injury has time to heal. In some cases, that will mean that you can't do the things you are accustomed to doing. Even going to work might not be possible, especially if you are in the hospital or if your injuries are severe.

Many factors affect spinal cord injury outcomes

Spinal cord injuries can impact your life in a variety of ways. In many cases, the extent of the effects you will experience are based on the area of the spinal cord that was injured. The type of injury that you suffered can also have an impact on the effects of the injuries.

Falls are a real danger after a spinal cord injury

The thought of a spinal cord injury is truly frightening because we all know that it can result in partial or complete paralysis and the inability to walk again. However, most spinal cord injuries -- nearly 70 percent -- are incomplete. That means that the spinal cord hasn't been fully severed. Many victims of incomplete spinal cord injuries can and do walk again with intensive physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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