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Garage found partly liable in brain injury of teen who stole car

A garage in the village of Paisley in Bruce County, Ontario, is partially liable for the brain injury suffered by a 15-year-old boy who was involved in a car crash in a vehicle that he and another teen stole from the garage. That was the recent ruling of the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Financial implications of brain injuries are considerable

In our previous post, we discussed the immune system response to a brain injury. If you recall, the immune system's response can cause more damage than what was originally present. That is only one factor that can impact a brain injury patient's ability to recover from the injury.

Brain injuries can trigger immune sytem responses

As you are probably well aware, a brain injury can affect you in a lot of ways. But, did you know that it can affect the way your immune system works? A brain injury can change your immune system so that it attacks your brain cells, which can make the effects of the brain injury worse.

What are the different grades of brain injuries?

When you suffer from a traumatic brain injury, that injury is graded. The grade of the brain injury is determined by the physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms that you experience. Brain injuries can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Each of these classifications has specific considerations.

How can occupational therapy help after a brain injury?

Suffering from a traumatic brain injury as an adult is difficult. You might have to re-learn how to do things that you have been doing your entire life. Occupational therapy is one of the options that is available to many people who suffer a TBI and need to learn how to do basic tasks again. In some cases, using special assistive methods and devices can sometimes help with getting these tasks done.

Brain injuries can lead to more than just physical changes

A person who suffers from a traumatic brain injury can suffer from a host of issues. Many people know about the physical changes that these victims can suffer from. Some people might not realize how much other effects of a brain injury can affect their life.

Each step on the road to recovery is crucial after a brain injury

There are several different things that will likely happen if you suffer from a traumatic brain injury. The first of these is that you will be evaluated to determine what emergency care you need. You will likely go through an emergency department to get that initial stabilising care. From there, you will probably remain in the hospital until you are well enough to go home or to an inpatient rehabilitation program. Each step in the process is important since they all work together to help you regain function after the accident.

Assessing total damages in your brain injury claim

Trauma to the brain can cause you to face challenges as you go about your normal daily activities. These challenges can make it very difficult to do your job duties or continue to live as a functioning member of society. Worst of all, such obstacles can affect your finances and your ability to enjoy your life.

Former soccer star hopes to aid research on female brain injury

There's been a lot of media attention in recent years given to the long-term effects of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries on football players of all ages. Less attention has been paid to athletes involved in soccer -- another sport where head injuries are common -- and still less on female soccer players.

Risk of suicide increases significantly after a concussion

The medical community has known for some time now that a concussion or other traumatic brain injury may cause depression and behavioral changes in those who suffer them. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that people who have suffered a concussion have at least triple the risk of suicide compared to those who haven't.

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