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Truckers must follow proper winter driving safety

As the winter months near, semitruck drivers must be sure that they are following the proper safety protocol that will help to keep everyone on the roadways safe. While some of these might seem like they should be done automatically, there is a chance that a trucker has become so lax that he or she doesn't even think about ways to remain safe.

The number one thing that drivers of all vehicles must do is to slow down when there is snow or ice on the roads. Since the winter precipitation remains on the roads for weeks to months at a time, it is easy to become accustomed to having it there. Even if you have been driving on the snow and ice, you should still take your time. Driving too fast can lead to horrible accidents.

All truckers should use their best judgment when they drive. If the weather is too bad, such as in whiteout conditions, big rigs should find a safe spot to pull over and ride out the storm. Interestingly, the shoulder of the road might not be a safe spot because of people slipping and sliding on the slick roads.

It is vitally important that drivers keep enough distance between them and the vehicle in front of them. The time and distance you need to stop increases when there is snow or ice on the road. This also brings up the point of needing to ensure braking is done properly. Truckers shouldn't use the Jake brake when there is ice on the road.

If you are the victim of a semitruck accident, you should explore your option to seek compensation. This can entail having to determine the cause of the accident, which can be complex in less-than-ideal driving conditions.

Source: Smart-Trucking.com, "15 essential winter trucking safety tips," accessed Oct. 13, 2016

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