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    Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers has represented injured clients in the Greater Toronto Area since 1996

    We have recovered over $150 Million in compensation for our clients. We have successfully sued or had cases with every major insurance company in Canada to recover compensation owed by them for the actions of their at fault drivers.

    Our lawyers have the experience, level of service and record of success of a downtown firm, but serve clients all over the GTA, including those in the 905 area code.

    Often the most important part of hiring a lawyer when you are injured is finding one who not only has experience and skill, but can show understanding and compassion, and guide you through this difficult time. One who sees you not just as an interesting case but as a person. One who can communicate effectively with you and with the other side.

    We are that firm.

    The lawyers at Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers are honoured at the trust shown to us by our clients when they choose us to represent them.

    We care. We listen. We get results.

    In Your Backyard

    At our firm, we can handle all kinds of accidents and injuries, including:

    Motor vehicle accidentsThese include all kinds of accidents, including car accidents, drunk driving, motorcycle crashes, trucking accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and fatal accidents causing wrongful death.

    Injuries: We deal with a wide range of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal injuries and fractures, chronic pain, and mental and emotional injuries. Whether your injuries are permanent and life-altering or temporary, you deserve compensation as you recover.

    Other personal injuries: Although motor vehicles cause many serious injuries, many of our clients come to us after slips and falls, animal attacks, physical assaults and other injuries that require compensation.

    Disability benefits: Many of our clients find themselves no longer able to work after an injury or illness. We can guide you through the often confusing process of applying for disability, making sure that your application does not suffer from mistakes or misunderstandings, and representing you if you are denied.

    If you are injured, it costs nothing to come to us for information about your rights and options. We charge no fees until the end of your case, and then we only charge if you win.

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    If you have been injured in Richmond Hill, the GTA or anywhere else in Ontario, contact us at 800-511-9181 or fill out our online form to set up a free consultation.

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